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Timesheet for hourly billing calculation

Time sheet - automatic hourly billing timesheet

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The Time Sheet

While preparing an invoice that covered two weeks of work, on three sheets of notes, I decided to bite the bullet and design my own calculator.   I needed it to calculate the billable hours automatically from simple entries.   The Time Sheet is the refined result of that need.

As I made the various starting and ending entries, I got more and more excited.   This is Sweet, I kept saying over and over.   Then I thought, why not have an area for notes and comments!   In a mater of minutes I had the data to make an invoice for the customer!

The easy to read, line by line, format produced by The Time Sheet, adds credibility to support your invoice.   Armed with this level of detail, there was no question about the invoice.   I was paid for every minute of work, and now you can be as well!

Now you can get The Time Sheet

Armed with this great tool, you can keep track of your billing minute by minute.   What an awesome concept --- No more scribbled notes, piles of post-its or laborious calculations from multiple starting and ending times.  Keep this handy utility open while you work, make all your notes in The Time Sheet and the instant calculator does the rest.

Customize it

Customize The Time Sheet for any type of product or service.   Need multiple levels of service or labor rates per hour...  not a problem.   Detailed customization instructions guide you step by step to get the results you need!   The uses for The Time Sheet are limited only by your imagination.

See an example

Sample of The Time Sheet

What you need

The Time Sheet works with your standard office suite or Open Office (a free office suite).   No installation is required or knowledge of how to use a new program.   Simply open The Time Sheet and start working efficiently and productively.   Save your work as any appropriate name, continue working on your project anytime.

Order now

This product is easily worth hundreds of dollars in time savings alone.   For a limited time you can get The Time Sheet at a price no one can resist!   The Time Sheet is now priced at only $9.95*.   Click the Buy Now button to order your copy using Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account). There is a version of The Time Sheet for Excel and for Works. Select your preference using the drop down box below.

* This low price can only be maintained if you agree not to distribute your copy to other organizations.   When you share your satisfaction with your friends and colleagues, please refer them to to purchase a copy.   Your referral will produce more orders and justify this low price offer or you can buy multiple copies for your friends and colleagues!  


I are so confident that you will find The Time Sheet an invaluable tool, I offer an unconditional money back guarantee.   So what have you got to lose... Order Now
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