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The Editable Calendar

We all lead busy lives and it is hard to keep track of all our plans. Most of us scribble notes on a wall calendar and make do. Now you can organize your life with an easy to use utility.

The Editable Calendar simply takes your to-do list and places the entries in a monthly calendar format. Print out the calendar page for the month and tape it to the refrigerator or wall. The whole family can have their own calendar or make separate calendars for multiple purposes.

Making changes is a snap! No more confusion about changes that are unreadable. Simply type in the new notes and re-print the calendar. Everyone will always be on the same page.

Who needs The Editable Calendar...

Families lead very busy lives. A soccer mom I know with three children is constantly on the go. Her schedule changes constantly. How does she keep it all together... Now with The Editable Calendar all she has to do is make the changes and re-print the calendar!

My sister is another good example. She is receptionist for multiple doctor's offices. She has to coordinate her work times with other receptionists, not to mention taking care of her daughter's children, scheduling her mother's doctor visits, and all the other events of daily life.

Now you can get The Editable Calendar

Armed with this great tool, you can keep track of all your activities in an easy to use calendar format. What an awesome concept... No more scribbled notes, post-its or white out. Keep this handy calendar utility open while you plan your activities, make all your notes in The Editable Calendar and print the result.

See an example  Download a sample in pdf format here

Sample of The Editable Calendar

What you need

The Editable Calendar works with your standard office suite or Open Office (a free office suite). No installation is required or knowledge of how to use a new program. Simply open The Editable Calendar and make the entries for the day, month and year. Save your work as any appropriate name and print the calendar. Make changes anytime and print a fresh copy.

Order now

This product is easily worth hundreds of dollars in time savings alone. For a limited time you can get The Editable Calendar at a price no one can resist! The Editable Calendar is now priced at only $9.95*. Click the Buy Now button to order your copy using Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account). There is a version of The Editable Calendar for Excel and for Works. Select your preference using the drop down box below.

* This low price can only be maintained if you agree not to distribute your copy to others outside your organization. When you share your satisfaction with your friends and colleagues, please refer them to to purchase a copy. Your referral will produce more orders and justify the continuation of this low price offer or you can buy multiple copies for your friends and colleagues!


I are so confident that you will find The Editable Calendar an invaluable tool, I offer an unconditional money back guarantee. So what have you got to lose... Order Now
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